We can move your vehicle to and from any spot on the Arkansas River.
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Granite to Numbers put-in75
Granite to Railroad Bridge75
Numbers to Railroad Bridge75
Numbers to Buena Vista75
Numbers to Fisherman's Bridge75
Railroad Bridge to Fisherman's Bridge70
Railroad Bridge to Ruby Mt.75
Railroad Bridge to Hecla75
Railroad Bridge to Stone Bridge65
Buena Vista to Hecla60
Buena Vista to Stone Bridge55
Fisherman’s Bridge to Hecla50
Fisherman’s Bridge to Stone Bridge50
Fisherman’s Bridge to Big Bend50
Ruby Mountain to Hecla60
Ruby Mountain to Stone Bridge/AD/BB55
Hecla Junction to Salida50
Stone Bridge to Big Bend


Stone Bridge to Salida Boat ramp40
Stone Bridge to Salida East45
Stone Bridge to Rincon50
Big Bend to Salida/SE40
Big Bend to Salida East40
Big Bend to Rincon45
Salida to Rincon45
Salida to Vallie Bridge55
Rincon to Vallie Bridge55


Prices include AHRA State Parks Shuttle Fees except $7 vehicle parking fee/ individual parks pass fee.  All vehicles must be insured by owner. Independent Whitewater Inc does not carry insurance for vehicles being shuttled and is not liable for any damages.

Equipment Rentals

Inflatable Kayak  Half DayFull Day
 Single $45$55
 Double       $55$65
*Pfd's and paddles included13 ft. N/A$170

*Oars and Frame included


14 ft. N/A



Oar Frames    
 Center Mount $20$25
 Stern Mount $20$25
Pfd's  $8$10
Wetsuits  $8$11
Booties  $4$5
Splash Jackets  $5$7
Booties & Wetsuits  $10$13
Deluxe Package  $13$18